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  • The evolution of Hilti direct fastening systems

    Direct fastening has come a long way in 70 years…

    Find out more
    Hilti Jaibot drilling robot

    Preparing for the future

    How Automation Can Help Save The Construction Industry

    Read about it
    Dust control in construction

    Clearing the air on Australian job sites

    We have designed resources to help you understand the risks of dust exposure on construction sites as well as the solutions you can adopt to significantly reduce dust emissions.

    Learn more about dust control in construction
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    What value does a premium drill bit offer?

    Why premium consumables pay off in the long run.

    Find out why
    Injectable mortar

    Getting the best epoxy mortar bonds in diamond-cored holes

    Chemical anchoring is always tricky, but the smooth surfaces of deep, diamond-cored holes make the process even tougher. We have the solution.

    The TE-YRT roughening tool and HIT-RE 500 V3 epoxy mortar make the difference
    Tilt-Up Panel Construction

    How the right equipment can make the tilt-up process safer and easier

    Tilt-up panel construction is one of the fastest-growing building techniques in Australia. How can our equipment make it even better?

    Improving tilt-up panel construction with new HBI anchor

    3 ways to minimise hazards on the construction site

    The right tools can play a big part in minimising construction site hazards, but it’s just as important to understand exactly why a danger is risky.

    Here are 3 ways to reduce your risks
    Hilti's extensive tool warranty

    How you can reduce the hazards associated with power tools

    Power tools are essential to the construction industry, but they do come with an element of risk.

    Here’s a few tips to help keep yourself safe

    Keep your tools protected with Hilti's extensive tool warranty

    Protect your tools by choosing a warranty that offers the very best security if anything goes wrong.

    Here's what to look for in a tool warranty
    Hilti's mobile repair service makes long waits for damaged equipment a thing of the past.

    Avoid long waits for damaged tools with a repair service that suits you

    Our repair service makes long waits for damaged equipment a thing of the past.

    Find out how
    Rebar Theme RB36 (2009), Disenser ED 3500-A

    Everything you need to know about designing post-installed rebar

    Post-installed rebar can be just as safe as traditional cast-in reinforcement but the design phase is a critical part of the process to getting it right.

    Learn about post-installed rebar design
    Customer talking on jobsite

    Avoid hidden costs by leasing construction tools from Hilti Australia

    The benefits of paying to use, rather than buying, the very best equipment.

    Learn how to avoid hidden costs
    Making penetrations for mechanical and electrical services

    How innovative technologies can save time and increase efficiency

    Making penetrations is one of the trickiest and most time consuming jobs in mechanical and electrical trades. Hilti’s new TE-C-DS drill bit makes it simpler.

    See how innovative technologies can save you time
    SF 6H-A22 B22 5.2ah Spade, Cordless Hammer Drill Driver

    Long lasting batteries make cordless tools an integral part of every jobsite

    How cordless tools can save time for Australian tradies

    See how cordless can save you time
    PROFIS Anchor; PS 1000; PS 250

    Everything you need to know about Australia’s new anchor standard

    The basics of SA TS 101 concrete anchoring standard referenced by the NCC

    Read about the new anchor standard
    Hilti For Hire Partners

    Do you need tool insurance and what should it cover?

    Tool insurance for tradies

    See how you can stay protected

    Why signage and protective equipment are important

    When it comes to health and safety on construction sites, there’s really no room for error.

    See how you can keep your site safe