About us

We stand for quality, innovation and direct customer relationships

Hilti was founded and is based in Schaan, Liechtenstein. Our team members around the world contribute to making construction work more productive, safer, and more sustainable. We do this with our hardware, software and service offering.

Making construction better

Our customers' best partner for productivity, safety and sustainability

Construction is one of the largest industries globally and faces significant challenges, such as lack of skilled labor, health and safety issues on jobsites, and high carbon emissions. In the face of these challenges, construction is transforming. Enabled by digitalization, workflows and processes are becoming more efficient and construction more productive, safer and sustainable. Hilti is ideally positioned to partner with our customers to deliver better applications, better projects, better processes and better experiences. That is why we have defined Making Construction Better as our purpose.

Our values

Empowering people to lead an independent and self-determined life

Our values of integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment are the basis of everything we do. Together with the Hilti Foundation we want to build a better future for disadvantaged social groups by initiating charitable projects that promote sustainable social change. These programs strive to empower people in need to become economically independent.

Our people make us different

Shared values of commitment, courage, teamwork and integrity

Our passionate and inclusive global team is at the core of our success. What makes us different is our caring culture, together with a focus on high performance. We enable and empower our team members to think and act with an entrepreneurial spirit, to exercise sound judgment and enjoy what they do. Our values contribute to creating a truly inclusive workplace, and help guide how we perform, work together, respect each other, communicate and practice leadership.

Direct customer relationships

Regular on-site interactions with no intermediaries

We have close and trusting relationships with our customers. We run a direct sales model whereby our team members work directly with our customers worldwide. Our sales representatives and field engineers go onsite to help find the optimal solution. We support our customers online and on the phone, and we also run Hilti Shops where we consult with our customers and sell our products.

We develop and produce our own products

An uncompromising approach all the way from research to delivery

At Hilti we know construction is dangerous and full of challenges. We are constantly looking for solutions to make working on site safer, faster and easier. We run our own research and development labs with specialist scientists and engineers. We also collaborate with leading technical universities worldwide to share research and push our boundaries even further. We manufacture our products in our own factories in Europe, Mexico, India and China and also work with external specialist suppliers. This ensures that everything we produce meets the same high-quality standards.

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