How cordless tools can save time for Australian tradies

Efficiency on construction sites is unbelievably important - not only for tradies themselves, but everybody who has a stake in the enterprise. We've all seen projects that seem to go on forever, and ultimately this results in nothing but annoyance for customers and delays on other sites. The more efficient your workflows, processes and methods, the faster work will be completed, which in turn means lower costs and the ability to quickly move onto the next job.

Tired of continually stepping on or tripping over long power lines? Well, cordless tools are the answer.

In addition to the potential savings, efficient working environments are typically safer and more smoothly operated, resulting in sites with less risk. Accordingly, tradies are site managers are always on the lookout for new, innovative ways to optimise workflows, and one of the best ways to do this in construction is with cordless power tools. Specifically, battery-powered tools that are long-lasting and retain the same power as their wired equivalents.

In this blog, we'll take a closer look as how these pieces of equipment can make a site more efficient, and how Hilti's battery technology ensures quality no matter the working environment. Let's dive into it.

Advantages of cordless power tools

First and foremost, cordless technology allow for greater freedom of movement. No longer does work need to be tethered to an outlet or generator, meaning that tools can simply be taken to where they need to go. On large sites in particular, or areas with poor accessibility, this is an absolutely essential part of operating productively, but the boons of cutting the cord don't stop there.

Tired of continually stepping on or tripping over long power lines? Well, cordless tools are the answer, placing the focus squarely where it needs to be, on the essential work that each piece of a tool kit needs to do - without any inconvenience or health and safety risks. As another example, processes such as testing and tagging - essential to any site - can be accomplished far more quickly and with greater assurance of safety thanks to less pieces of electrical machinery to worry about.

Over time, this also works out to significant cost savings. While the highest quality cordless tools may cost more, the savings will add up in the long term, effectively meaning that these tools pay for themselves much faster than wired models.

hilti cordless range

Greater versatility and productivity

Speed, safety and cost-effectiveness are all important elements of well-run construction sites, but cordless tools also make tradies more productive by providing the versatility to adapt more easily to any given situation. For example, when working at heights, there are a lot of potential problems and hazards that you'll face with tools needing a wired power supply. To get around these, you'll need to slow down, find a fix and let the conditions dictate your workflow. With a cordless tool, it's possible to tackle any site head-on, and get working right away without having to sit around thinking of a solution to a problem that wouldn't be there with cordless technology.

There's also greater versatility available through the wider range of cordless products. For example, if you need to be working at night, cordless lamp systems allow you to quickly and easily illuminate a particular area without needing to find power and erect a light arrangement.

So, we know that cordless tools can completely change the way that tradies work, but there are still issues that can arise such as dead batteries or a decrease in power. To avoid these, you'll want to look at long-lasting batteries, and the very best in Lithium CPC technology.

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For some Australian tradies, the issue with cordless technology is that it can't quite hold up to wired tools in terms of power and functionality. For example, a dead battery in the middle of the day obviously being a bit worrying. Fortunately, this isn't a problem with the Hilti range of batteries, which utilise our Lithium CPC technology to ensure a long life out of every charge, alongside the same operational force that you'd get from any electrical tool. In addition, each battery features a clear and simple to read LED status display, so you never have to worry about being caught short.

As well as the high quality of the batteries themselves, the associated accessories such as chargers and cases are designed to make switching fresh batteries in as easy as possible. From the ability to charge inside a vehicle through to robust casings that can handle even the toughest of sites - the Hilti battery range is designed from the ground up to make work more efficient.

So, if you're interested in finding out more about how cordless power tools can change the way you work, get in touch with our expert team.