What value does a premium drill bit offer?

Why investing in quality consumables pays off in the long run

TE-YX Drill bit

At Hilti, building a better future is at the heart of everything we do. It is both the start and the end goal. So when it comes to our people and our products, we do not compromise on quality. The cutting-edge technology runs through our biggest power tools as well as our smallest drill bits. As a Product Manager of Power Tools Inserts I examine daily the drill bits, chisels, cutting discs, saw blades, etc. that go into our full-sized tools.

In my experience, explaining the value offered by a Hilti consumable is more difficult than explaining the value offered by a Hilti tool, mainly due to the nature of the product and the timeline of its impact. Unlike tools, consumables very rarely demonstrate immediate savings but the costs can slowly escalate over the duration of an entire job. That’s why it is important to us that you experience the value not only from our market leading tools but also our most leading edge inserts. Here’s how:


Red Dot design award winner 2017 - TE-YX Drill bit

Hilti has long been known as a leader in innovative construction tools and solutions. The prestigious Red Dot design awards held annually, this year recognised our new generation TE YX drill bits and the first and only of its kind TE-YX six cutter drill bit. This innovation keeps in mind that our customers experience outperforming and outlasting products even with our drill bits.

Our Polygon wave chisels used with our TE 1000 and TE 2000 breakers are unmatched when it comes to their performance. The benefit of the innovative wave technology is to reduce jamming. These are just a few examples of the innovation in our consumables. So how does this benefit you?

Labour savings: On average Hilti consumables provide 1/3 improvement in speed versus their competition without the influence of tools. That is an upfront savings of 30% in labor cost because Hilti consumables will complete the task 30% faster.

Time savings: Innovation improves the speed as well as the life of the product. Premium Hilti consumables are made with robust materials and cutting edge technology across multiple Hilti plants around the world to offer the strongest solution for the toughest jobs. Reduced jamming, breaking and wearing of the consumables brings down the material cost for the customer, reduces downtime and increases overall productivity on the jobsite. Basically you can do more in less time!

System vs products only

Hilti Flex Chisel

One of the first things that separates Hilti from the rest is our Direct Business model. Our sales team is not just looking to make a sale to a customer, we want to offer a full system solution. The engineers and scientists in our research and design labs make products that focus on a system versus a product only. Why do we do that?

Optimal Performance: All our consumables complement our tools and are made to offer the best possible performance together. The test results generated in our labs combine our tool performances with our consumables. You can see below the difference system performance can make: 


Drill bit optimal Performance

After Sales Service: Most power tools require a service or a repair depending on the usage for a job. You can make the analogy between the tool and a top of the line premium car model. If cheap fuel is filled in the tank of a premium car, it will demand more care and servicing. Similarly using the most compatible consumables with the tool positively affects the trigger time of the tool.

World Class Hilti Service

Our direct salesforce, retail stores, customer service and website work together to offer the best possible user experience while buying our products as after the products are bought. The service levels remain the same whether it is our mammoth sized tools or our smallest screw bits.

We impart world class knowledge and best practices among our sales teams to ensure that they can provide the most suitable solution to our customers. Our online channel ensures you reduce your purchasing cost of consumables by bringing the whole product catalogue to you at the click of your fingertip! Our friendly customer service team will help you order even a single drill bit on the go and at our retail stores you can touch and see the products before you make a purchasing decision.

To conclude, I say buying a premium product - tool or consumable - is like buying a blue chip stock. At the start, it might feel like a hole burnt in your pocket but the eventual dividend payments will make the initial investments worth it. 

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