Introducing the PM 30-MG

The Full 360°

Fast and precise aligning, levelling and squaring with the new PM 30-MG

If levelling, aligning or setting out corners is your thing, then you will love working with our new PM 30-MG line laser. Thanks to our new patented technology, the laser pivots on its platform keeping a single static point of reference.

See for yourself how you can get the full 360° onsite.

Features and functions with the jobsite in mind

PM 30-MG has an eccentric design

Eccentric design

The PM 30-MG uses an eccentric design to position the vertical laser on the side of the tool. This allows you to place the PM 30-MG over your reference point when performing squaring of drywall tracks and achieve a perfect 90 degree angle.

Easy to make fine adjustment with the PM 30-MG

Fine adjustment

The installation of pipes or cables requires working on a straight line and the PM 30-MG includes a fine adjustment knob for fast and precise set-up. Combined with use on a tripod or placed on the floor you have a broad range of flexibility. 

The PM 30-MG has flexible mounting options

Flexible mounting

Ideally suited for working at height or installing suspened ceilings, the PM 30-MG is supplied with an anti-fall cord to help improve safety. The optional wall mounting unit and magnetic bracket mean you have a full range of mounting options.

Whatever you are working on, the PM 30-MG is the perfect companion

The PM 30-MG is perfectly designed for laying out drywall tracks

Squaring of drywall tracks

The PM 30-MG is ideal for suspended ceilings

Installing suspended ceilings

The PM 30-MG is easy to attach due to it magnetic bracket

Mounting to steel frame structures


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