Environmental challenges solved with Hilti SAFEset dustless drilling solution.

Strengthening works along the abutment, pier and deck of the Barry Drive Bridge, ACT

The challenge

The Barry Drive Brindge in Canberra is one of a large number of infrastructure projects undertaken around Australia during the post-World War Two population boom.

Sixty years later, the bridge which runs over Sullivan's Creek, is still a main thoroughfare to and from the nation's capital. However, it required significant structural work in order to carry the heavy load of freight vehicles, especially with road freights expected to double in Canberra over the coming decade. The ACT Government decided to go ahead with a much-needed upgrade project that would allow bridge access to larger vehicles. The project had to comply with the SM1600 standard for bridge loads, and required strengthening works along the abutment, pier and deck.

The ACT Government's strict regulations stating that there was to be no contamination of the river under the Barry Drive Bridge meant that no concrete, dust or waste was permitted to fall into the water beneath. A task that would make the entire drilling and installing process extremely difficult.

The Solution

To resolve this issue, we proposed our revolutionary SafeSet Technology. SafeSet uses a hollow drill bit attached to a vacuum that removes dust through the middle of the drill bit, leaving the site completely clean and in turn causing no environmental damage. To keep the project environmentally safe, our team was involved right from the tender stage.

Hilti Australia's ACT Account Manager, Jackson Teo, as well as Field Engineer, Zac Bouchabake, worked with SMEC (the specifier) and Hawkins Civil (the principal contractor) all the way through to completion and both believe that the introduction of the SAFEset technology was imperative to meeting the client's brief.

SAFEset Technology

the system worked beyond our expectations. It impressed our client, as well as the Local Environmental Protection Agency

SafeSet Technology is a major advancement for the construction industry, having increased drilling productivity while also improving reliability in setting chemical anchors. The new hollow drill bit means that borehole drilling can occur 10 to 20 per cent faster than with a traditional helix drill bit. This accounts for an estimated time saving of up to 90 seconds per hole. The cleaning process of repeatedly blowing and brushing out the holes is not only labour intensive but can also compromise the anchor capacity if not done correctly.

Jared Hawkins, Project Manager for Hawkins Civil said that, "the system worked beyond our expectations. It impressed our client, as well as the Local Environmental Protection Agency. Hawkins Civil has relied on Hilti products for years and this system did not disappoint. The productivity gains were as good as promised, and the service was exceptional."

An All-round success for the environment

Time saving and a cleaner environment with SAFEset dustless drilling

The project included the installation of approximately 2,000 anchors, along with carbon fibre reinforcements to increase the strength of the bridge deck. All drilling was done with a Hilti-designed system that utilised an overhead drill press designed and manufactured locally by Baxter Engineering. The ACT Environmental Protection Agency inspected the site numerous times and commented on the efficiency of the system and quality of the environmental controls. Furthermore, the system as a whole, including the drills, bits, vacuums, glues and incidentals, worked flawlessly and the project was completed with zero non-conformances, making it an all-round success.