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Features & Applications

  • Extremely simplified keypad – intuitive to use
  • Rugged and durable to resist hard jobsite environments
  • Protected against dirt, dust and splashing water
  • Compact design fits in every pocket
  • Display with backlight illumination to read results even in dark environments
  • Measuring distances from 0.2 - 60 m / 0.6 - 200 ft quickly and accurately
  • Measuring distances and heights where traditional measuring methods fail
  • Measuring long distances and heights in a one-man operation
  • Measuring areas to calculate paint, flooring or concrete quantities

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Compact laser range meter with excellent accuracy

The new PD-S fits in every pocket. You can measure short or long distance up to 60 meters quickly and accurately.



PD-S 距離計 用途 高所への計測

Measure heights

PD-S 距離計 用途 長距離の測定

Measure distance

PD-S 距離計 用途 面積の測定

Measure Area

PD-I Laser Range Meter

PD-I Laser Range Meter

Laser measuring tool with Bluetooth connectivity which can accurately measure up to 100 m using advanced functions

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Laser Tools

Measuring Tools and Scanner

Hilti precision laser tools provide a productive way for plotting lines, heights, slopes and points on the jobsite – transferring BIM/CAD design files accurately to the real world.

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