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Hilti Fleet Management

We’ll help you stay focused on your job with tracking, coverage and upgrades that keep your tools and team running at peak performance and protect your business from hidden costs.

Challenges On The Construction Site

No matter what job you do in the construction environment, we understand the headaches associated with managing people, jobsites, tools and consumables. Whether you’re the owner or general manager, finance director, warehouse manager or jobsite worker, your daily work is impacted by people, projects and tools. 

When it comes to tools, your productivity can be further hampered by locating, managing, monitoring or operating them.

Here are some of the ways Fleet Management helps solve common problems associated with tools so that you can focus on the task at hand.

  • Increase productivity 
  • Minimise risk
  • Manage your costs
  • Reduce downtime
Hilti fleet management

Sounds attractive? Get in touch for a consultation and together we’ll create a tailor-made solution for your business 

Fleet Management in Detail

Construction projects come with enough problems for you to solve. Tool management shouldn’t be one of them. With a Tool Fleet Management program, we help make sure you have the tools you need at every stage of your project.

Choose from a wide selection of tools and then pay a fixed monthly rate for a defined period of time. To keep you working at peak performance, we help you track, repair, replace and upgrade your tools at no additional cost.

Fleet value propositions

Use Instead of Own

Tool management

With a Hilti Fleet Management plan, your company’s power tools are taken care of from end-to-end. It starts first with a consultation and continues through the duration of the contract and beyond - with implementation and training, support with tool failures and thefts and even tool upgrades - so you and your tools remain productive at all times. 

A Fleet contract is a journey with 4 phases:

  1. Pre-contract: We start by conducting a deep dive analysis of your business in order to design a tailored solution for your needs and applications
  2. On-boarding: After your tools have been delivered with customised labels we do hands-on training for your users on the tools and the Fleet process
  3. During your contract: To keep your performance high we support you throughout the contract with a back-up tool during repair if needed, extra tools when you experience peak activity and even insurance cover in case of theft. You can manage your tools online (add new tools, manage inventory and repairs and order and modify labels) and we conduct regular follow-up on services utilisation and more
  4. Renewal: At the end of the contract you exchange the used tools for the latest models. We recycle collected tools and the Fleet cycle starts again with a new contract! Proceeds from recycling are donated to charity - CanTeen. 


Here's What Our Customers Say about Fleet

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Mr. Yap, Director of Leng Aik Engineering, Singapore

"The most important thing Fleet Management allows us to do is tracking our tools and making the workers responsible to manage the tools."

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Mr. Nayot Pisantanakul, Deputy Managing Director of Syntec Construction Company Limited, Thailand

"The documentation is easy – just a one-time signature and then it’s set and forget. Before we had Hilti tools about 10 years ago, if a drill was broken my jobsite admin would send a fax and we would have to verify how it was broken. We’d send someone to pick it up and bring it back to be verified and repaired by ourselves. It took about 5 – 7 days to process – that’s if the spare parts were available. But now, we use Hilti, the jobsite can request the repair themselves and also organise to pick up a loan tool to keep working."