Support systems for multi-discipline applications

Cutting concrete

Modular Support Systems

With the increasing demand for natural resources, owners and operators of energy and industry installations need to continuously invest into existing facilities to maintain current production levels and into new production capacity. While Hilti is a strong player in this industry sector, offering structural steel applications such as grating fasteners, Oglaend System is a leading supplier of both multidiscipline support systems as well as electrical and instrumentation solutions such as modular supports and cable trays and ladders. Hilti Group acquired Norwegian Oglaend System Group in August 2017. Unlike traditional welding, our strut systems are easy to install and are adjustable for most jobsite variations. We also offer engineering design support and all project contractors will have our products available in: Aveva, Smart plant 3D, PDMS and Bentley.

  • Adjustable framing system that can be used as pipe or cable tray supports, electrical and instrumentation equipment racks, platforms, shelters, overhead grids, and more
  • Various profile sizes available based on load requirements of specific application
  • Engineering validation software and modelling plug-ins for easier integration into work flow
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