Upper West Side Apartments, Melbourne

Application: Curtain wall façade design installed with anchor channel

Upper West Side Apartments, Melbourne

The Challenge

With a project value of approximately $1 billion AUD, Upper West Side is one of Australia’s largest inner city developments, comprising four towers with 2,200 apartments and 30 retail outlets. Tower 3 Manhattan, the last stage of the development, will feature a unique and detailed glass artwork design on the curtain wall. This high precision façade installation requires an engineered fixing solution backed by detailed structural analysis that proves its suitability.

Our Hilti Solution

Hilti Anchor Channel (HAC) systems were determined to be the most reliable solution for this intricate installation. With the support of our engineers, the façade designer and installer were able to verify their designs using Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel software, which enabled them to easily check and share reports between them. The Hilti cast-in anchors selected for this project include HAC-40 channels for the façade curtain wall installation and HAC-50 channels for balustrading works along with our high strength HBC-C T-bolts.

Products used in this solution

Hilti cast-in anchor channel used to fix curtain wall facade

Hilti cast-in anchor channel

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