ON!Track Release Notes

ON!Track provides frequent releases and updates to the web and mobile software applications in order to continuously improve and add functionality for its users. Find all the details about each software release below.

Release 2022.05

This release contains further stability improvements, but also a range of new features that enable you to get even more out of using ON!Track.

Stability improvements and bug fixes

There are fixes to more than 100 bugs in this release, bringing the stability and reliability of the ON!Track 3 platform to a new all time high.

We are confident you will find these improvements very valuable in your everyday work with ON!Track!

Functional improvements

  • Support for Transfer when being offline, which is very helpful in rural areas or inside buildings, tunnels or mines; Even if you as a mobile user have no connectivity, you can scan assets and add them to a Transfer cart, and the transfer will be executed as soon as there is network connection again
  • You are now able to edit allocations for Quantity Items in the iOS app (covering all fields available on web)
  • Improved error / exception handling providing you as user with more context to error messages in the case something went wrong
  • Quick action for Unexpected Asset Removal, to add the removed Assets to a Transfer cart on iOS
  • Allow multi-selection when performing a Nearby scan in the mobile apps, so that you can use Bluetooth Active Tracking to collect Assets for a Transfer

Email support for Unexpected Asset Removal Alert, as well as Gateway offline Alert, so that you get such important information proactively, and do not have to log in to the ON!Track application

Release 2022.04

This release is strongly focused on stability improvements and bug fixing across the ON!Track 3 platform.

Stability improvements and bug fixes

  • Quantity Items Stock Alerts are kept active also when stock is zero
  • No inconsistent stretching and warping of Asset images
  • Addressed multiple reasons for sudden shutdown of mobile apps
  • Active Tracking pin is visible on the map in the web application
  • And much more...

Functional improvements

  • You are now able to Add/ Edit/ Delete Service history of Assets in the iOS mobile app just like in the Android mobile app

Release 2022.03

This release is mainly focused on bug fixing and general stability improvements across the ON!Track 3 platform. 

There are also a few functional improvements in the release that make you more efficient in the daily use of ON!Track 3.

Stability improvements

  • Fixes to more than 90 bugs across the platform
  • Archived Locations no longer show up in search results
  • Improved consistency of Employee reports
  • Activation of T320 tag works when using Finnish (Suomi) language
  • Quantity Items One Time Cost is no longer deleted after modification on Mobile app
  • And much more...

Functional improvements

  • When performing a Service of an asset, you are now able to enter the result of the service as Passed or Failed, making it easier to keep track of equipment that needs attention
  • With Bulk Service Closure, you are able to close Services of multiple Assets in one step through an Excel template/ import workflow, saving you massive amounts of time when performing maintenance or inspections of many Assets at once
  • Quick Transfer is now also available in the iOS mobile app
  • Barcode/ QR scanning for serial number field is now also available in the iOS mobile app
  • Sorting Quantity Items Allocations on mobile gives you a much better focus when managing large number of Quantity Items in the field
  • Active Tracking is now supported also for devices with Android 12

Release Notes: PI2 2021

We are very excited to announce the release of PI2/2021! With this release, we are reaching an extremely important milestone of merging our Hilti ON!Track 3 and Hilti Connect mobile apps.

Access for all LTS and Fleet customers: ON!Track Tool Manager features

With a valid Hilti ID (as used by Hilti Online, Hilti Connect, etc.), you are now able to log in to the ON!Track 3 mobile app and access ON!Track Tool Manager features which aim to help you better manage your Hilti tools.


Hilti smart products

The possibilities to interact with Hilti products is extended as you are now able to view and share usage information for selected Hilti tools, as well as scan selected anchors to view its specifications, batch number and technical documentation.


Field Request

We are introducing the next generation of Field Request, allowing you to request both Assets and/or Quantity Items that are needed for your job on site, straight out of the mobile app.


Costs of Quantity Items

For Quantity Items, you can now add a one-time cost per piece, which is becomes the basis for cost reports for consumables. The one-time cost is fully separated from the purchase data of quantity items.

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