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Storage and Transportation

Find out how our consumable cases facilitate the storage of small items in one container

Find out how our consumable cases facilitate the storage of small items in one container
Trolley UNIVERSAL Universal trolley for transporting construction equipment on the jobsite
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Hilti consumables case

The perfect place for all your consumables

Designed for mobility, comfort and convenience because your consumables deserve to travel first class

Consumable case
Consumables case
Consumable case
Consumables case Building Construction
Consumable case
Consumables case Electrical Installation
Consumable case
Consumables case Interior Finishing

You might have noticed our tool cases have had a make-over? Now it’s not just our tools that get the VIP treatment! With the new Hilti consumables case, you’ll find the perfect home for all your fixings, fastenings, drill bits and saw blades - helping to make your work easier on the jobsite. They’re fully customisable and can be easily configured to carry whatever you need close to hand. And with our double-carry system you can get everything to the jobsite efficiently.

Depending on your trade, they come with standardised layouts for all your everyday materials and consumables so you won’t lose anything on your jobsite.

Find the right configuration for you

Whether it’s stud anchors, drill bits, hammer screws or joiner’s pencils, our handy consumable cases are designed to carry all of this and can be customised to suit your needs.

In case you didn't know

Custom inlay

A place for everything

Each case now comes with a custom inlay, specifically designed for the tool or consumables it holds. Your tools and inserts will be clearly organised and well protected. Cases for our cordless tools can also carry the charger and batteries. The inlays are made from environmentally-friendly recycled materials. 

Double-carry system

Carry more

We know you often need to carry multiple tool cases to the jobsite. Our innovative new double-carry system makes it easy to carry two cases in one hand – even cases of different sizes. 

New badging system

Look inside

Our cases are now equipped with a new badging system that shows clearly what's inside. If you’re storing multiple Hilti cases, you’ll know at a glance which one to grab. 

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