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Features & Applications

Spacer BX-S #2362250
  • Adjustable, laser-based spacing aid – simply choose the required spacing, then align the laser ring with the neighboring fixture for uniformly distanced fastening points every time
  • Get the job done sooner – uniform spacing without needing any up-front markings or cumbersome distance attachments
  • Improve productivity and compliance – a more efficient way to install critical M&E systems as required by the specifier, manufacturer or inspector
  • More economical – minimize waste and better plan the number of fasteners required by working consistently to the maximum allowable spacing
  • Professional-looking results – easily give visible installations, such as lighting or ductwork, a neater and more organized appearance
  • Maintaining uniform spacing between fasteners for cables, conduits, ducts, channels or drop ceilings
  • Installing circuit integrity systems (CIS), fire alarms and security devices – when uniform, compliant spacing between fasteners is essential
  • Installing visible, light electrical channel/ducts, conduits and cables – when the result will not be hidden afterwards
  • Installing data and fiber optic cables – when correct fastener spacing is essential for correct function
  • Compatible with all BX 3 battery-powered fastening tools

Technical Data

Spacer BX-S #2362250

Documents & Videos

Spacer BX-S #2362250

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