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Features & Applications

  • Keeps jobsites clean – slurry is directed into Hilti water collection systems
  • Provides up to one full day of water autonomy for wet diamond coring applications
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Easy disposal process – all the slurry is collected in the filter bag
  • One filter bag recycles wastewater up to 7 times; equal to 100 litres of water
  • Suitable for all wet diamond coring applications
  • Works with all Hilti diamond coring tools
  • Operates in 3 modes – recycling, vacuum cleaning and water supply


Hilti Tool Service
Hilti Tool Service

A warranty that goes further

  • Servicing is free of charge for up to 2 years, including wear and tear, pick-up and delivery
  • Product warranty against parts and manufacturing irregularities for 20 years
  • After 2 years repair costs are capped
  • 3-month no-cost period after each paid repair
  • Exclusive use of genuine Hilti spare parts
More information about Tool Services
Fleet Management
Fleet Management

We manage your tools so you can manage your business.

  • Monthly usage fee covering all tool, service and repair costs helping to ensure absolute cost control and back-office efficiency.
  • Theft coverage helps to reduce financial risk and unexpected expenses.
  • Loan tools during repair to reduce downtime.
  • Individual labels and online visibility provide tool fleet transparency
More information about Fleet Management

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Diamond drilling so simple just one person can start coring and go all day

Hilti has turned a three person job into a one person job with our diamond concrete core rigs + water management system.  It's the fastest way to core in the industry, from start to finish.  We offer diamond drilling rigs, core bits, and accessories for a wide range of applications and customer needs.

Own your own schedule and request a demonstration today.

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Hilti's Water Management System

Easily load and transport water

Fill the DD-WMS 100 up with just 14 litres of water.  Then wheel it to exactly where you need to go.  We designed a filter system that cleans and recycles water as you drill, allowing most to core all day without ever needing a refill.  Forget stringing long hoses, hoisting large containers, and needing to refill them.

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Constant Water Supply

Have a constant supply of water when core drilling

Simply attach the DD-WMS 100 to any of Hilti's core drilling rigs.The DD-WMS 100 provides a consistent, constant water source for your concrete core drilling application.

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Clean as you drill

No mess and no need for cleanup later

The water collection ring vacuums slurry and debris as you drill.  The slurry gets filtered and collects into a bag within the DD-WMS 100, while water is cleaned and recycled.  Once drilling is done, so is cleanup.

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Keep coring

So easy, you can core by yourself

Moving to the next hole is easy.  The water filter means that with just 15 litres, most can go all day without refilling.  The DD-WMS 100 provides the equivalent of 110 litres of water but in an easy to move package.  When the self-sealing slurry collection bag is full, simply replace it with a new one and keep going.

Easily core with Hilti

Hilti diamond core drilling

Diamond Core Drilling Tools

Hand-held or rig-based, wet or dry, for light or heavy duty drilling. Designed for powerful performance.

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Hilti DD-WMS 100 water management system

DD-WMS 100 Water Management System

With our new DD-WMS 100 water management system, the tedious tasks of keeping the jobsite clean and maintaining a constant water supply become a thing of the past.

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Hilti diamond core bits

Diamond Core Bits

Core bits for a wide range of applications, base materials, and all tool power classes.

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Hilti diamond coring accessories

Diamond Core drilling Accessories

Customise your diamond drilling tools with drill stands, columns, chuck adapters and more.

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