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Cordless Reciprocating saw

SR 6-A22 for heavy demolition cutting

This tool sets a new benchmark in cutting power, speed and comfortable handling.

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Whether you are doing heavy demolition in brick or masonry, or cutting wood, pipes or channel; you need a versatile tool with power you can rely on in any job, space or base material. That's exactly what the new SR 6-A22 cordless reciprocating saw delivers.

It sets a new benchmark in cutting speed, feel and working comfort. Operating from the same battery as your current 22 V cordless Hilti tools, it's easy to add to your existing tool park.

Combined with our industry leading tool service offering and brushless motor technology it's a reliable tool with the back-up to make your work easier on the jobsite.

See what sets apart the SR 6-A22 Cordless reciprocating saw

22 V cordless compatible

SR 6-A22 cordless reciprocating saw with tethering point

The new SR 6-A22 cordless reciprocating saw is fully compatible with our current range of 22 V cordless Hilti tools, batteries and chargers.


Little features make a big difference

SR 6-A22 cordless reciprocating saw

Tethering point

The recip saw has got a handy little tethering point built into it, perfect for when you're working at heights or on scaffolding.

SR 6-A22 cordless reciprocating saw

LED light

Bright LED lights make precision cutting easy especially in awkward to reach areas or in low-light.

SR 6-A22 cordless reciprocating saw

Patented chuck design

This all-new chuck has a patented blade fit which helps to avoid blade breaks. If a blade brake does occur, it's much easier to remove with an external lever for maximum safety and  comfort, especially when the blades become hot. What's more, it also makes changing the blade much faster, saving you precious time on the job.

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