Introducing the SR 30-A36 Cordless Reciprocating saw for demolition

ultimate in performance for cordless cutting

The SR 30-A36 cordless reciprocating for heavy-duty demolition

The SR 30-A36 is the ideal solution for heavy-duty demolition and cutting work in all the building trades. With 36 volt power and quickly changeable saw blades, it's able to cut all kind of materials and combinations of material from wood and metal to brick and masonry.

Suitable for a broad range of applications

Working with metal


Cutting wood


Masonry demolition


Demolation of masonry


SR30-A36 uses the 36 volt battery platform for fast and versatile cutting

36V battery bringing corded power and cordless flexibility

Providing corded performance with the advantages of cordless mobility, the SR 30-A36 uses a 36V battery which keeps you going until the job is done.

SR 30-A36 is fast and versatile with ergonomic handling

Dual grip improves ergonomics for easy handling

The SR 30-A36 includes a new chuck, patented quick fit blade mechanism and external lever that make it comfortable for all working positions.

Increase productivity with the SR 30-A36

Increase productivity with bright LED light and DRS adapter

The optional Dust Removal System (DRS), Active Vibration Reduction (AVR), SR CA Cutting Assist and bright LED lights give best-in-class performance.

Range of cutting blades that increase number of cuts per charge

Cutting blades that increase number of cuts per charge

Demolition blades are designed for heavy-duty, fast cutting and are suitable for a broad range of materials including wood embedded with metal, roofing, masonry, walls and metal.

Introducing the SR 30-A36

The Hilti 36 volt advantage

The SR 30-A36 cordless reciprocating saw has the power for high performance demolition work. Combined with a class-leading 36 volt battery, you have corded power for a cordless tool, giving you the ability to perform your job faster and the reach to work for longer between charges.

With a brushless motor and low weight, the SR 30-A36 offers a balanced tool which is suitable for working overhead as well as at height, reducing fatigue and risk to the worker. Including safety features such as Active Vibration Reduction (AVR), a Fast-Blade Break and with an optional Dust Removal System (DRS), it's easy to use in a range of indoor and outdoor locations and conditions.

All Hilti cordless tools come with a 20 year warranty, 2 years of no cost wear-and-tear coverage and you are guarateed 3 working days turnaround* in Sydney, and 5 working days turnaround* in Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold coast metro areas. So even if your SR 30-A36 is out of action, we’ll take care of it – fast.

Hilti reciprocating saw blades offer ideal performance and extra life for a wide range of metal and wood cutting applications

Metal cutting reciprocating saw blades

Cutting medium metal

Premium reciprocating saw blade designed to last longer when cutting 1.5-10 mm thick metal

Multipurpose reciprocating saw blade

Multipurpose cutting

Premium multipurpose reciprocating saw blade for demolishing metal, wood and other materials

Heavy wood and metal reciprocating saw blade

Cutting wood which contains metal

Premium reciprocating saw blade for demolishing wood containing nails – strong in metal, fast in wood

Specialist reciprocating saw blade

Fire and rescue applications

Premium reciprocating saw blades for fire and rescue as well as super-heavy-duty metal cutting

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