Fleet Contract Extension

Questions and answers on our fleet management contract extension feature

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Flexible exchange experience

Extend the contract proactively or let us do this for you automatically to a later date most suitable for you to exchange beyond contract expiration. • Flexible exchange dates • Consolidated exchange cycle • Extend contract for new technology upgrade


1. What is Fleet Management Contract extension?
Contract extension is an upgrade to the Fleet Management terms of agreement which provides you with full flexibility at the end of your contract and includes the following:

  • Renewal at a time suitable to you after expiry, instead of on a fixed date;
  • Extend current tools to access new technology in the near future;
  • Extend current contractual items for current on-going project;
  • Consolidated exchange activities and many other implications.

2. When will I be notified of the upgrade?
You can expect an update notification letter from us on October 2nd, 2018. Please reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions.

3. When will contract extension be implemented?
On November 1st, 2018, all active contractual items will be automatically upgraded with this new feature.

4. What types of extension will be available?
There are two types of contract extension:

  • Proactive extension: this is where we receive a request from you to extend your contractual items prior to expiration date. Tools under proactive extension are covered for repair and all Fleet protections under updated Tool Agreement;
  • Automatic extension: this is where you are unable to return expired tools or have not renewed contractual products. Contractual products will be extended automatically until the tool(s) are returned to Hilti on an agreed date. Tools under automatic extension will be covered under fewer Fleet protections.

5. How long can I extend the contract proactively?
12 months max at one time; multiple times. You can proactively extend your contract online via www.hilti.com.au. Login with your account details and request extension before the end of the exchange month. Extension can also be arranged through our customer service, on T. 131 292. Please allow 10 working days prior to the end of the exchange month to process your request.

6. How long is automatic extension?
6 months at the time; On the 5th month we will notify you again and will extend the contract for a further 6 months if we do not hear from you. 

7. How do I know which tools are under Hilti Fleet Management contract extension?
Extension tools will be displayed under your monthly Fleet Management invoice under a separate section stating, “Extension tools”, as well as indicated in your tool list available when you login on the website.

8. How is extension terminated?
The contract is ended as soon as we receive the contractual items from you. You can book a return at any time via our website or through the ON!Track 3 app.

9. Can I continue to extend the tool?
Yes. However, please understand your productivity may be significantly reduced using expired contractual items. Contact your Hilti Accoutn Manager to discuss your tool upgrade.