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Features & Applications

  • Hilti’s most versatile wall saw yet, now capable of dry, flush and deeper cuts with rapid setup
  • Hilti Cut Assist – equips the wall saw for fully automated cutting once surface is detected, then continuously optimizes speed, gear and water flow, even when cutting through rebar. Cut Assist means much higher productivity and more time for other tasks
  • Integrated flush cutting flange – makes assembly and disassembly easier to help you get the job done without delay
  • Extended diameter range of up to 1200 mm – it is now possible to cut to a depth of 53 cm
  • Cut in dry mode – thanks to a water bypass, dry flange, dry blade guard and dry vacuum cleaners you can now cut up to a depth of 20 cm even without creating slurry
  • Cutting and extending openings for doors and windows, openings in floors, in reinforced concrete, masonry and natural stone (dry cut possible in soft concrete and masonry)
  • Façade and balcony renovation
  • Precise demolition of walls and floors with low vibration
  • Sawing in tight spaces or where access is difficult
  • Flush cutting (supplied with flush cutting flange)

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