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Features & Applications

  • Rugged and durable housing – the laser measuring tool made for rough jobsite environments
  • Extremely intuitive user interface with an ergonomic button design and layout
  • Compact design to fit in every pocket
  • Extra-long, integrated measuring extension spike to easily measure in narrow spaces, such as corners or window frames
  • Determining the surface area of floors, walls and ceilings using the area or painter's area function
  • Volume calculations for planning of heating, cooling and ventilation systems
  • Easily adding and subtracting measurements with the +/- buttons
  • Smart stake-out functionality for a precise layout of plasterboard studs, consoles or anchor points
  • Smart documentation options using the Bluetooth® connectivity to partner apps like magicplan®, imagemeter®, Floor Plan Creator® and WinWorker®

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Take measurements digitally

PD-I Bluetooth-enabled laser measuring tool that improves speed, accuracy and reliability

  • Simple to use- point and press function
  • IP54 durability
  • Improve speed and productivity- painter's area calculation and stake-out function

How does a Bluetooth laser meter work?

The first step in this process is using a floor plan app to rapidly create an approximate survey. This is as simple as taking photos of every corner, door and window in sequence using the app. The resulting drawing uses estimated dimensions – just about accurate enough for furniture layouts – but they need to be fine-tuned for professional use.

This is where the PD-I comes in. By wirelessly linking the laser to the app via Bluetooth, the drawing will update itself in real-time using measurements from the laser. 

Benefit: You walk away from the survey site with a finished drawing, not just notes or a rough sketch. 



The trusted, award-winning way to create approximate floor plans simply by taking pictures with your smartphone or tablet. Connect the PD-I laser via Bluetooth to efficiently fine-tune the measurements.

WARNING: The third-party applications listed above only serve as potential add-on recommendations for Hilti`s PD-I. Hilti, however, does neither - implicitly or explicitly - warrant or guarantee Hilti`s PD-I to be compatible, suitable or being merchantable with these applications. For information regarding the compatibility, content and functionality of each of such third-party applications, please directly contact the respective application provider.

Measuring and layout tools

Hilti precision laser tools give you a high-productivity method for plotting lines, heights, slopes and points on the jobsite – transferring BIM/CAD design files accurately to the real world.

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PD_S Distance Measuring Tool

PD-S Distance Measurement Tool

The new PD-S fits in every pocket. You can measure short or long distance up to 60 meters quickly and accurately.

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