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Features & Applications

  • Integrated display provides rebar layout visuals in top view and sectional view for on-the-spot structural analysis
  • Smart algorithm helps accurate depth measurements for rebar
  • Wide sensor area enables quick and easy scan over large areas
  • Record scan data for documentation and structural analysis
  • Verification and analysis for 1st layer rebar
  • Checking concrete cover over large areas for structural repair work
  • Building acceptance inspections and quality control
  • Generation of structural assessment reports including statistics and visual presentation in 2D/3D views of areas

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Smart. Simple. Solid. Introducing the intelligent PS 300 Ferroscan

A new generation of intelligent detection tools is bringing the world of structural analysis into the future. Designed to simplify analysis jobs and help prevent errors both on-site and back in the office, the PS 300 Ferroscan is at the forefront of smart, connected detection devices. An integrated 5" touchscreen gives you a detailed, live view of hidden objects (e.g. rebar), helping you complete a structural survey or analysis in one site visit. Afterwards, data can be transferred to PROFIS Detection software for further analysis or shared in various formats. Survey or analysis reports can then be generated with one click.

Instant concrete scans with detailed documentation

See how the PS 300 helped locate reinforcement to ensure that a structure met all the specifications to withstand dynamic loads, temperature extremes, and seismic requirements. When scanning in remote locations like this, additional trips to the site could prove to be quite costly. Live scan results on screen help ensure data integrity and completeness, before returning to the office for more in-depth analysis.


Precision and accuracy for high-productivity analysis

With a large 5 sensor array, the tool collects multiple data points in one scan. The sensor surface is 15cm in length, and the tool is able to capture a scan distance of 50m in one pass. In other words, the PS 300 Ferroscan has been engineered to deliver more reliable, large-scale results in the shortest time. The scanner is powered by a standard Hilti 12V battery, so there are no cables to compromise the agility and reach.

  • Rebar detection up to 200mm
  • Precise size determination up to 57mm
  • Cover measuring accuracy +/- 1mm @<50mm
  • Spacing and cover ratio limitation 1.2:1 (Min.Spacing 30mm)

The full intelligence on-board the PS 300 Ferroscan is visible after you transfer scan data to PROFIS Detection on PC. This software is part of your toolkit for detailed structural analysis: filter visible details, compare scan data against reference specifications, export charts/statistics, create text/audio/picture annotations and even model locations to drill and core. You get a 3D view of the concrete wall or slab which can be exported for addition to an official engineering report and your CAD/BIM model.


The fast track to becoming a structural analysis specialist

Create a master scan in minutes using the PS 300 Ferroscan, with real-time results and an easier-to-read user interface. Eliminate the number of extra site visits due to incomplete scan data and get straight to the structural analysis without wasting time. Gone are the days of fussy scans – with the PS 300 Ferroscan you can quickly access the diameter, cover depth, and spacing of reinforcement while also saving the information for use back at the office.


Tough concrete scanners built for real construction sites

“Precise” used to mean “fragile". The PS 300 Ferroscan, however, is IP54 rated for robustness. The casing is engineered to help keep out dust and moisture – protecting your investment. Rubberized grips and a touchscreen which can be used while wearing gloves also help to prevent drops and knocks.

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