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Features & Applications

  • Fast installation – fewer working steps (one and done)
  • Sealing properties designed for real jobsite conditions – forms a more reliable sound and smoke barrier even on imperfect concrete
  • Makes inspection easier
  • Increased worker safety – minimises the need to work at height
  • Versatile solution for any plasterboard track size
  • Firestop, smoke and sound seal for head-of-wall joints
  • CFS-TTS is designed for a perfect friction fit with all common track sizes
  • CFS-TTS ES is designed for a flexible solution for partition walls and various track applications

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Breakthrough innovation in Firestopping for top of wall applications

With the CFS-TTS Firestop top track seal

Firestopping drywall can be a laborious task - messing around with strips and backfilling with sealant.

CFS-TTS Firestop Top Track seal for top of wall applications simplifies this whole process to 3 very quick and easy steps: just apply the firestop to the drywall track, cut it to length and then fasten it in place - that's it!

This new firestopping method delivers a fire rated seal tested in accordance with AS 1530.4 and AS 4072.1, at the top of the drywall track to block smoke and fire for up to 120 minutes giving you peace of mind while saving you time in the process.

DX 5 F8, DX 5 F8, deflection head, track fastening to ceiling, interior finishing, X-U concrete nail

Firestopping for up to 120 minutes in 3 simple steps

The traditional method of firestopping top of wall applications with sealant is not only time consuming but also carries significant risk from working on ladders or on scaffolding. With the new CFS-TTS Firestop top track seal, this process is eliminated. You can get the job done up to 5x faster and work in a much safer way. 


Once the CFS-TTS Firestop top track seal is installed, there's no back fill required which means it's really easy to see that the installation has been completed correctly - saving you the stress of the inspection and making it quick and easy for the inspector too.

CFS-TTS Firestop Top Track Seal
Eagle House refurb, London, UK

Eagle House refurb, London, UK

Hilti CFS-TTS E Firestop top track seal helped Eagle House soar in office-to-resi refurb, giving ASM Drylining complete peace of mind.

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