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Complete solution for designing structural connections

Easily design, calculate and analyze multiple connection types, including anchoring to concrete, masonry, post-installed rebar, concrete overlay and handrail designs

Stay up to date with the latest international codes and approvals automatically

Save hours of research time as the software automatically updates to the latest versions of international codes and approvals, including: ACI, CSA, Eurocode, Australian Standards and many others

Free version available for everyday structural connections

PROFIS Engineering Standard gives you free access to all the application modules and allows you to generate detailed, step-by-step calculation and design reports (including baseplate rigidity check) for post-installed or cast-in-place anchors

Import from structural analysis software and export to BIM and CAD

With PROFIS Engineering Premium, import loads from Excel or directly from other structural analysis software programs (e.g. RISAConnection, RAM Structural System, STAAD.Pro, SAP2000, ETABS, Robot, Revit, and Dlubal RFEM and RSTAB) and export your final designs in 2D and 3D to integrate them into your standard BIM and CAD programs

Improve productivity with advanced anchor and baseplate design features

With PROFIS Engineering Premium, use CBFEM (Component-based Finite Element Method) to design your full baseplate connection, including calculations for anchors, stiffeners, welds, profiles and concrete

Streamline your design of post-installed rebar connections and overlays

Easily calculate T-joints, lap splices and shear dowel loads in just a few clicks, and use the concrete-to-concrete module for efficient designs compliant with common design methods (Eurocode 2, TR069, ACI and many others)

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Maximize your productivity with our most complete anchor design software

PROFIS Engineering

Take your steel-to-concrete and concrete-to-concrete connections to the next level

PROFIS Engineering is a cloud-based software to design steel-to-concrete and concrete-to-concrete connections according to a wide range of codes and approvals.

PROFIS Engineering can now calculate and analyse multiple fixings such as steel-to-concrete and concrete-to-concrete to be cost-effective and code-compliant. It also comes with application-specific engineering training to support you.

Benefits of PROFIS ENGINEERING at a glance

Reduce design time

Reduce design time

Perform complex steel-to-concrete and concrete-to-concrete calculations to reduce overall design time.

Improve accuracy

Improve accuracy

Ensure your specifications are right the first time and compliant with Australian and international codes. Automatic load transfers, simultaneous multiple load combination processing, and BIM / CAD model generation all help to reduce errors and rework.

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

Integrated data sharing in a single platform grants every stakeholder immediate access to the most up-to-date design files and reports. This helps to improve transparency, remove communication logjams and increase efficiency.

Explore solutions for these applications

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Anchoring to Concrete

Design complex and day-to-day steel-to-concrete connections

Use preset templates to design concrete fixings including post-installed and cast-in-place anchors, baseplates, welds and stiffeners quickly and accurately. With just a click you can analyze baseplates using the Component-based Finite Element Method (CBFEM) and perform rigidity checks to determine whether to adapt the design or the loads. PROFIS considers applied loads such as seismic and fatigue to find the best solution. Smart baseplate design further simplifies your design process.

Generate a customised report complete with code references, calculations, product information and images.

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Post Installed Rebar

Everything you need to design post-installed rebar applications (PIR)

Add or extend different types of concrete elements, whether you are working with existing rebar or missing starter bars. Design for concrete structural joints and splices and verify the shear resistance at the interface between the old and new concrete members.

Need to adjust the layout or geometry of your PIR design? PROFIS allows you customize the bars’ diameter, embedment depth, and spacing parameters for both the existing and new concrete members.

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Concrete Overlay

Design for concrete overlay applications and post-installed shear dowels

With PROFIS Engineering, you can design for post-installed shear connectors and verify the interface between the concrete members. Whether your design has edges or a symmetric layout, Profis Engineering allows you to define different areas of acting shear. The intuitive 3D graphics show how stresses vary throughout the concrete overlay connection, making the design process easy and efficient.