Light the dark with our new cordless lamp

The SL 6-A22 Cordless area light can illuminate an entire room

Light the dark with our new cordless lamp
SL 6-A22 Cordless area light

It can be a bit of a hassle to run a lead for site lighting or awkward to fumble around with a hand-held light; that's why we've introduced the latest addition to our cordless lamp portfolio, the SL 6-A22 Cordless area light.

With 3,000 lm, it's got the power to illuminate an entire room and with a B 22/5.2 ah battery it will cover your working day.

The SL 6-A22 is fully compatible with our 22 V range of cordless tools, so you can use the batteries you have, without the need to search for an additional power source. Why not add it to your cordless tool kit and be the envy of your colleagues on the jobsite.

Versatile, flexible and safe

The flexible feet and adjustable head on the SL 6-A22 Cordless area light allow it to hang and mount on a variety of surfaces such as boards, drywall track, pipes, scaffolding or a tripod to keep it out of the way of people and equipment onsite.

LEDs ensure it's cool to the touch offering a safer alternative to more traditional corded Halogen lamps which can reach over 100 degrees celcius.

Professional optics provide a sharp cut-off on the edges of the light reducing the glare for other contractors you may be working alongside.

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