TE 60-A36 SDS Max Cordless Combihammer

TE 60 A36 SDS Max Cordless Combihammer

The TE 60-A36 is the world's toughest cordless combihammer. Offering a similar weight and vibration level to the Hilti 6 kg corded combihammers, it brings the benefit of mobility. This tool is equipped with a B36 / 9.0 battery providing all the necessary power for the machine, without compromising on performance. It incorporates the most advanced Hilti technologies: the AVR system that reduces vibration and improves comfort, as well as active torque control - ATC system - which increases your safety.

Why choose the TE 60-A36 cordless combihammer?


A powerful and versatile tool

The TE 60-A36 is not only the toughest SDS-Max cordless combihammer in the market, it also gives you the mobility you need, with performance equivalent to a corded combihammer.

An ideal tool for plumbing, electrical and masonry work, it will surprise you with its versatility.

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Main features of TE 60-A36 Cordless Combihammer

Contrôle anti-torsion


The Active Torque Control stops the drill from spinning uncontrollably if the drill bit jams in concrete.

perforateur-burineur moteur à induction


The body of the tool and the battery are protected with a more efficient cooling system. The drill is equipped with a brushless motor and a double lubrication chamber to protect the systems from dust.

Système de récupération des poussières  pour perforateur-burineur


Combine the TE 60-A36 drill with our DRS-D dust extraction system for the perfect combination for dust-free drilling.

Our 36 V Cordless Platform

Our 36 V wireless tool platform allows you to perform your everyday applications independently, from start to finish.

outillage batterie 36 v