Hilti SF 6H-A22


SF 6H-A22 (02) Cordless hammer drill driver

What's new about the SF 6H-A22 (02)?

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With the new SF 6H-A22 (02) Cordless hammer drill driver, you can finish your applications fast, in comfort and with complete confidence.

The newest addition to our 22 V battery platform combines a powerful motor and gearing with the latest technology from Hilti.

Brushless motor provides high torque and application speeds while efficiently using battery power.

An electronic clutch delivers the powerful performance you want, while Active Torque Control (ATC) offers the improved safety you need.

Stop kickback in its tracks

What happens if a bit binds during high torque or high speed applications?

Thanks to Hilti Active Torque Control (ATC) technology, you won’t ever need to know.

Advanced sensors and a motor brake built into the tool prevent kickback by stopping the motor almost instantly - so you no longer need to hold on for dear life.

SF 6H-A22 Cordless Hammer Drill Driver
Fast and versatile
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Fast and versatile

The SF 6H-A22 (02) has a powerful motor that packs an impressively fast 2,000 rpm to tackle a wide variety of applications and base materials. So whether you are hammer drilling a 12 mm hole in masonry or even cutting a 125 mm recess, the SF 6H-A22 (02) packs all the punch you need to get the job done.

Cordless. In charge.
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Cordless. In charge.

SF 6H-A22 (02) is fully compatible with the wider Hilti 22 V range so you can use your existing Hilti battery and chargers or get new ones with the tool, safe in the knowledge they’ll fit the rest of your 22 V Hilti tool kit.

Power that’s easy to handle.
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Power that’s easy to handle.

Designed with comfort in mind, the SF 6H-A22 (02) features an ergonomic grip and a bright LED on its foot to help you see your task in the best possible light. The electronic clutch cuts down noise while delivering high torque and speed to help you get the job done quickly and safely.

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Hilti Tool Service

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