It takes two: Introducing Hilti's dual drill bit lines

At Hilti we've always been fortunate enough to work closely with our customers.

This has not only led to great relationships, but has given us the opportunity to listen to feedback and adjust our offerings accordingly.

It's for this reason that we're creating a new line of Premium drill bits. This will be available alongside our best in class Ultimate consumables as a value for money alternative.

Our TE-CX drill bit is perfect for drilling anchor holes into concrete containing rebar

Hilti drill bits explained

Our dual lines of drill bits are designed to create quality options for any budget.

We take the industry-wide terms SDS Plus and SDS Max, and apply our own naming system. Each now has its own sub-lines:

●     C connection (SDS Plus):

○      TE-CX (Ultimate)

○      TE-C (Premium)

●      Y connection (SDS Max):

○      TE-YX (Ultimate)

○      TE-Y (Premium)


The idea behind creating these lines is to give you options. For any C or Y connection tool you now can choose between the Ultimate or the Premium based on your spending capacity, and which you think is most appropriate for getting the job done. You know that with the Ultimate you're getting the best that money can buy, while Hilti's Premium drill bits still deliver solid performance for even the most demanding applications.

Differentiating between the products is easy. It's based on colour - red rings denote Ultimate, while black rings are featured on the Premium line.

Now let's explore how these two lines use Hilti's market-leading technology to provide quality for customers with budgets of all sizes.


C connection (SDS Plus) drill bits

Our TE-CX drill bit is perfect for drilling anchor holes into concrete containing rebar.

The TE-CX is a four cutter bit designed for drilling anchor holes into concrete containing rebar. Its solid carbide head not only provides the accuracy needed in this task, but is also resistant to wear and extends the lifespan of this product. The flute design on the helix section of the bit speeds up the drilling process by permitting efficient removal of dust and concrete from the hole.

Alternatively, you could opt for the TE-C line. These drill bits are perfect for use with a large selection of light-duty power tools when drilling into concrete and other masonry materials. Here, the two-cutter head transitions straight into a rugged helix permitting constant and quick drilling work.

Y connection (SDS Max) drill bits

Our TE-YX drill bit can either have a four or six cutter head, making it a unique product on the market

When drilling through concrete on an industrial site, you're going to hit steel sooner or later, and if you're using a two-cutter drill bit you're likely to struggle. The impact could damage the head, or the bit could even become jammed in the steel.

For this reason we produced the TE-YX drill bit, the only product on the market where you can choose either a four-cutter or six-cutter head. This means the bit can withstand far more rebar hits without reducing its lifespan. In fact, we're so confident in the durability of this product that it comes with a lifetime warranty - a unique concept for drilling consumables.

However, its list of credentials doesn't end there. It has unmatched speed in rebar drilling thanks to a HEMA helix design which allows for effective dust removal, while the convex connection end provides optimal energy transfer between the tool and the drill bit.

If you don't think the project at hand warrants the high-tech TE-YX, its sister product the TE-Y will get the job done. This innovative product features a traditional two-cutter head with the addition of two side cutters to increase speed and longevity. In short, this bit produces the great results you'd expect from a Hilti product, but at a lower acquisition cost.

The choice is yours. With this information, and with Hilti's team of experts on hand to talk you through your options, you have everything you need to find the perfect drill bit at the perfect price. For more information, get in touch with Hilti today.

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