Corded performance. Cordless productivity.

36V Cordless Tool Platform

High-capacity 36V Li-Ion batteries give corded power to cordless tools and provide the markets best run-time for demanding applications.

36V Cordless Tool Platform

Ultimate in Performance. Ultimate in Run-Time.

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Traditionally, despite the advantages of cordless, operators have stuck to corded tools when it comes to power intensive tasks such as demolition work, grinding metal and drilling holes. This is because there wasn't a battery out there that could provide the huge amounts of power needed on an ongoing basis. 

When you want corded performance in a cordless tool, turn to our 36V battery platform. Now with 6 industry leading tools, this platform gets you through your most demanding applications without the hassle of using extension cords and generators. Whether you are doing demolition work, cutting or grinding metal, minerals or wood, or drilling holes Hilti will maximise your productivity.

This is where the 36V platform comes in, giving you the biggest performance at the longest runtime. So, what else does this cordless setup bring to the table?

1. Reduced downtime

2. Improved safety

3. Mobility on site

Thanks to our 36V battery, you no longer have to lose out on these advantages, even with the most challenging applications.


36v Cordless Tool Range

36V battery options

Our 36V Lithium-ion battery platform offers three different sizes to choose from:

2.6 Ah, 5.2 Ah and 9.0 Ah

You now have enough performance and run-time to replace corded tools in the most demanding applications.

36v Power Tool batteries
B 36/2.6aH battery

36V 2.6 Ah Compact Battery

  • Light-weight 
  • Great for overhead drilling applications
B 36/5.2aH

36V 5.2 Ah Battery

  • Battery of choice for most tools and applications
B 36/9.0aH

36V 9.0 Ah Battery

  • Ultimate in work per charge
  • Largest capacity power tool battery in the market

For more information on how our 36V platform can make life on your jobsite safer, more efficient and more productive, get in touch with our team today!