The right cordless equipment can make your job easier, quicker and more efficient

Hilti cordless tool range

Freedom. It may not be a word that you readily associate with power tools, but once you've experienced all the different advantages of cordless technology, you may feel as though the shackles are broken and a wealth of opportunities have opened up in their place.

Cordless power tool kits continue to completely change that way that tradespeople work, revolutionising every aspect of the work site and making things quicker, easier and more efficient. Regardless of what kind of work you do, the latest cordless systems from Hilti put the focus firmly where it needs to be - on high performance without any unnecessary distractions.


Drills, Impact drivers and Wrenches

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SD 500-A22

Cordless Drywall Screwdrivers

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Battery-actuated Fastening Tools

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Cordless Metal Construction Screwdrivers

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TE 4-A22

Cordless Rotary Hammers

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TE 30-A36

Cordless Combihammers

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Cordless saws

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AG 125

Cordless angle grinders

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Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

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HDE 500

Cordless Dispensers

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SL 2-A22

Cordless Jobsite Lamps

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Cordless tool kit combo

Cordless Kits

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The benefit of wired tools over cordless has traditionally been their better reliability and greater power. That's all changed now with Hilti Lithium CPC battery technology, which represents one of the most technologically advanced lithium-ion systems available on the market.

No longer do you have to worry about a battery getting damaged on the job, Hilti's robust housing is specifically designed for the ultimate in work site protection. Similarly the cells have been designed from the ground up to offer longer lasting charges, a higher number of cycles and a far lengthier overall life span than ever before. To ensure that you're never caught short in those critical moments, each battery features an LED status display, so you'll always know when it's time to swap out.

In terms of power, Hilti's lithium-ion range gives you the freedom to choose exactly the right battery for your power requirements. Whether that's 14, 22 or 36 volts, there's an option perfectly tailored for every tool and every job, plus the range of chargers makes it quicker and easier than ever to swap and recharge your cells - even in your vehicle on your way between sites.


While Hilti's range of cordless power tools are designed to stand up to even the most rugged of conditions, we all know that unforeseen circumstances can always crop up on the job. That's why we've redefined what a warranty should be, with lifetime service and two years of no repair costs, followed by a lifetime cap on any subsequent repair costs. No matter which lithium-ion tool, battery or charger you've got, we'll repair and clean your tool quickly and professionally. We'll even come out, pick the tools up and return them to you after repair to ensure a quick turnaround.

Of course, purchasing new tools may not be your style. After all, there are enough things to worry about in construction, and there can be extra costs associated with owning your own equipment that not every business is able to absorb these. Cut your overheads with Hilti's Fleet Management service, and let us take care of all your equipment needs while you focus on getting the job done with a flexible range of products that can be expanded as you require. With a fixed monthly cost, all-inclusive repairs, theft coverage and Fleet Management Online to monitor and assign different tools across sites, it's the perfect service for any contractor looking to streamline their business and remain at the cutting edge of cordless.