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Anchor Solutions in Seismic Applications

Ultimate Performance is the end-goal for concrete anchor design, but at Hilti, it's less of a goal more of a guarantee. The idea behind Ultimate Performance is that in order to do the best job in safety critical applications then product specification, design and installation must be approached in the right way. We have developed solutions to ensure compliance at every step between design and installation.

Our April webinar will cover anchor solutions in seismic applications as it relates to both structural and non-structural elements. Participants of this webinar will get a greater understanding of designing for seismic applications in Australia, as well as learning about the tools we provide to help you get there.

What is the importance of designing for seismic applications in Australia?

Seismic detailing is nowhere near as prevalent in Australia as it is in the United States and Europe. In this sense, there is something of a knowledge gap. Not everyone is on top of how to produce compliant designs in this area. The key issue is that the Australia technical standard for producing concrete anchors, SA TS 101, doesn't explicitly cover seismic applications.

So, how do we make sure designs for seismic applications are in line with the Building Code of Australia? In short, we import qualification approval from more earthquake-prone countries. Hilti products that have been cleared for safe use in seismic applications in Europe automatically comply with SA TS 101, as the testing standards are just as rigorous.

What the webinar will cover

  • Safety critical components in seismic applications.

  • The connection between SA TS 101 and ETA standards for seismic design.

  • The qualification process for anchors in seismic loading.

  • How to design anchors for seismic loads.

  • Hilti's innovative solutions for ensuring Ultimate Performance of every anchor.

Key takeaways for attendees

All attendees will be issued with a certificate of completion, which is eligible for CPD points. Anyone engaged with the webinar that has questions or queries can get real-time assistance from our group of Hilti engineers available via live-chat.

This is an opportunity for engineers in the construction industry to learn the ins and outs of seismic applications and guarantee Ultimate Performance of every anchor on every project.


The April webinar will be hosted by Hilti Australia's Barry Kaknics, an experienced engineer with an understanding of anchor design theory equalled only by his knowledge of compliance measures.