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Webinar - Post-Installed Rebar Design

Compliant design for Post-installed Rebar

Post-installed rebar is capable of performing just as well as conventional cast-in reinforcement. The key to maximising this performance is design methodology. In our December Webinar, we'll be looking at the different ways post-installed rebar can be designed, and helping you identify the best methodology for your application.

As the planning and design phase of the process is critical, it must be approached with the utmost care. While AS 3600 is the Australian standard that defines design and construction of concrete structures with steel reinforcement, the standard falls short of comprehensive guidelines for post-installed rebar. In recent times, the European EC2/EOTA method has been used for design of post-installed reinforcement, however these have their own limitations.

Hilti is seeking to provide the first Australian-specific guidelines for post-installed rebar. We start with the aforementioned European codes, adapting and extending them towards AS 3600 with the HIT-rebar design method. HIT-rebar is Hilti's in-house style for extension of concrete structures, which has been developed after extensive research and testing we've done on post-installed rebar. This method is an extension of the provisions of AS 3600 and can be used to optimise the design.  


  • How to ensure compliance with chemical injection systems
  • How to identify the correct methodology for your application
  • Common failure modes for post-installed rebar design
  • How the HIT-rebar design method can optimise design and installation


The December webinar on design for post-installed rebar will be hosted by Zac Bouchabake. Zac is our National Facade Specification Engineer, and has been with Hilti in an engineering capacity since 2005. With a master's degree in structural engineering, Zac's passion and expertise are second to none. 


Attendance presents a great opportunity for structural and civil engineers to brush up on best practices in post-installed rebar applications. We'll have a host of experts on hand during the webinar to answer any questions you have in real-time. You can engage with them simply by typing messages into the chat box during the webinar. Once the webinar has concluded, we'll supply you with a certificate of completion which is eligible for CPD points - not only will you learn, but you'll have a record of it.

Our design of post-installed rebar webinar will take place on Wednesday the 6th of December from 12-1pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. To register, simply click the "Register now" box on the right hand side of the page. Or for more information, contact us today.


Zac Bouchabake joined Hilti as a Field Engineer in 2005 working on a wide range of building and civil projects. He is currently National Façade Specification Engineer with a focus on curtain wall attachment using cast-in channel.

Zac holds a Master Degree in Structural Engineering from Sydney University since 1994 and is a member of Engineers Australia.