Occupational Health and Safety

Our work environment and responsibility to our team members

Promoting a healthy lifestyle among our employees


Some of the ways in which we promote health and wellness among our employees are by offering recreation leave on top of the regular annual leave entitlement, an Employee Assistance Program giving employees access to a free counselling service, mental health education and annual flu vaccinations. In addition to this, staff at our head office in Sydney have access to a free local gym and fresh fruit delivered to the office each week.

Work-life balance

We understand that the working environment is rapidly changing, with many of us now trying to balance commitments at home and at work.

We expect a lot from our Hilti team members and set challenging targets for everyone at the company. But at the same time, we believe in a caring culture, where people can be supported and do well.

And so, work-life balance at Hilti is very important.

We believe in offering attractive working conditions and finding flexible ways of working, include a mobile office or working from home.

With this, we want to be an attractive employer. And it seems to be working: 92% of our team members say they are proud to work for Hilti and we regularly win awards for being a “Great Place to Work”.


We know that the long-term success of our company is based on our people.

So we want to give our team members opportunities to grow and develop on a personal level.

We have an open door management policy, with regular assessments to monitor targets and training.

Many of our team members enjoy long-term careers at Hilti. We also encourage career movement around the company and support our team members in continuous learning and development. 80% of management positions in Hilti are filled from within the company. 

Flexible working

I was considering leaving the business to be able to achieve my personal goal of travelling. Sabbatical leave allowed me to reach my goal and return to my job at Hilti afterwards.

Adele Cooke
Customer Relationship Manager, Sydney

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Occupational Health and Safety

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