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Hilti fastenings. Solutions for every day.

Fastening systems and advice for every day on the jobsite

If you’re looking for just one supplier for your everyday fasteners, then at Hilti we offer a huge choice of solutions. We make more than 20,000 fasteners and supports – for both complex and typical applications - all stringently tested with international and national approvals. So if you want to fix a handrail or a fence, install drywall, pipe supports or electrics, we’ll find a solution for your everyday job. You can also get help choosing what you need. Our teams of Hilti engineers can work with you on your jobsite. Or talk to us on the phone, chat with us online or send us a photo and we can let you know what you need. At Hilti we have more than 75 years’ experience of researching and developing fastening and modular support systems. So you can let us do the thinking while you get on with your job. Take a look at our everyday fasteners and modular support systems - 1000s of choices but just 1 supplier for everyday applications on your jobsite.

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