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Features & Applications

  • Top-handle design for even more compactness and light weight
  • Fast blade stop – the blade stops in less than 10 seconds
  • Cutting depth up to 120 mm with 300 mm blades
  • Achieve even higher cutting speeds by using with customised Hilti blades
  • Pre-tensioned belt – no belt maintenance required by the user
  • Laying paving – cutting kerbstones and paving slabs to size
  • Masonry work – cutting bricks and blocks to size
  • Metalwork – cutting steel profiles, pipes and steel sheets
  • Construction work – cutting out openings in brick or concrete walls
  • Sewage work – cutting where working space is limited

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Meet our latest compact hand-held petrol saw with easy-start, blade brake technology and deepest cutting depth

Whether you are cutting into concrete, steel or masonry, you need all the depth, power and grip you can get. We have engineered the new DSH 600-X to bring you more power, better ergonomics, higher productivity and safety onsite.

DSH 600-X gas saw and DSH-P water pump

Thanks to its auto-choke function, the tool does not flood, therefore increasing your productivity significantly.

Weighing only 9.8 kg, it has a 63.3 cc engine and when equipped with a 300 mm blade, the DSH 600-X achieves a maximum cutting depth of 120 mm - a cutting depth usually only achieved with a significantly larger 350 mm blade. The smaller blade not only helps you save costs but it also makes this new saw extremely light and compact for a saw of this performance class. To top it all off, the ergonomic top-handle design and low vibration level of 2,5 m/s² make it very easy to manoeuvre and allows you to work for a longer period of time. In addition, our new blade brake technology ensures operators’ safety by stopping the blade in under 7 seconds.

When used with the DSH-P water pump, you only need a bucket of water to manage your dust suppression– no more searching for water sources onsite.

We can't wait for you to try it!

Innovations you can count on


DSH 600-X petrol saw with free servicing and theft coverage

Are you tired of all the unexpected costs due to servicing and theft with petrol saws? Well, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our all-inclusive Fleet Management Service includes:

  • Fast, high quality repairs free of charge, including freight costs and accidental damage cover
  • Theft coverage with fast, easy replacement of stolen tools at a low cost
  • Flexible exchange program; return your tools at a time that is suitable for you
Fleet Management
Hilti Fleet Management

Hilti Fleet Management

We manage your tools, so you can manage your business. 

Hilti Fleet Management is an all-inclusive service where your tool costs are covered by a fixed monthly fee. This means no money up front and predictable costs in the future. The last thing you need to be worrying about is organising tool repairs or replacing stolen tools. 

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DSH 600-X maintenance kit

Maintenance Made Easy

Minor repairs and service can now be carried out simply and quickly onsite.

Each tool comes with a maintenance kit that includes: spare starter cords, air filters, a spark plug and a fuel filter.



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ON!Track 3 app

ON!Track 3 App

Hassle-free tool services to your fingertips.

Need assistance onsite?
With the Hilti ON!Track 3 app, you can check the service status of your DSH 600-X, schedule a repair and browse how-to videos, directly from your smartphone.

Scan. Click. Done!

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