Features & Applications

  • Hot-rolled channels with thick, sturdy profiles – engineered for high load resistance
  • LDPE foam filler with grab tab – helps keeps concrete out of the channel and can be removed rapidly in one piece
  • Available in three sizes to fit virtually any installation – HAC-C 40/22, HAC-C 50/30, HAC-C 52/34
  • ETA and fire approval documents available
  • Available in stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized versions – helping provide corrosion protection as needed for specific environmental conditions
  • Fastening production equipment (e.g. machines, conveyer belts)
  • Metro, railway or utility tunnels (e.g. fixing cantilever systems, supply pipes, signs, ventilation or support beams)
  • Curtain wall façades (e.g. fixing curtain wall elements with brackets)
  • Elevators (e.g. fixing guiderails, sliding doors or divider beams)

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